Gas Water Heater Installation

And why you should never buy from a big box store

When you buy your water heater from a big box store, you miss out on five highly valuable things:

CLARITY by ClimateCare gives you all those and more.

Genuine expertise

Genuine expertiseBox store employees are more knowledgeable than the average consumer about the products their stores sell, but they aren’t specialists.

Our technicians undergo a regular schedule of training and education, and work intimately with the hardware we sell. No one is more qualified to help you make the right choice for your budget, home and family than we are.

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Gas water heater installation isn’t available at the big box stores. You’ll have to find an installer and maintenance contractor (like us) after you buy.

Why not get everything in one place?

Because we’re the largest HVAC cooperative in Ontario, we are priced competitively with the big box stores. So with CLARITY by ClimateCare, you get your new water heater with professional installation, maintenance and true expert advice.

Ongoing service

Ongoing service

With the right maintenance, your new gas water heater installation can last as long as 15-20 years.

But you can’t get maintenance from the big box stores. And even if you could, you probably wouldn’t want it. Service from a member of your community with professional training, safety certifications and years of experience is hard to find.

But you can find it at your local CLARITY by ClimateCare retailer. Full maintenance will be performed every 3-4 years and it’s included in the monthly cost of ownership.


A relationship

We work in the communities where we live. We are 100% Canadian and We C.A.R.E.

We want to contribute to the continued success of our communities, and that means building friendly, ongoing relationships with our customers.

Wouldn’t you rather call a contractor / retailer you know by first name than a call centre to dispatch somebody you’ve never seen before?

This is your home, after all.

Skip the big box stores and come to us for your new gas, propane or electric water heater, professionally installed and with ongoing maintenance & service. It’s the right move.

Give us a call today.