Why Rent When You Can Own Your Water Heater in Ontario?

Most homeowners don’t realize there’s an alternative to renting your water heater in Ontario.

Well there is, and it’s CLARITY by ClimateCare, where we know owning your water heater is better in just about every way we can think of.

  • The monthly cost of ownership can be less than renting.
  • Your payments remain stable and predictable.
  • Your payments don’t continue perpetually. Once it’s yours, it’s yours.
  • You will receive a Maintenance Plan package included with your purchase*, plus a great warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee!
  • We’ll even remove and return your old rental tank. You don’t have to worry about it.

And maybe the best part:

  • You can deal with a local neighbourhood contractor instead of the big faceless utility-like companies.

This boils down to faster service that’s more responsive to your personal needs. After all, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Take a look at our easy online calculator to see the best price comparison between owning and renting in your market.