Worried that your old furnace won’t keep up with another Toronto, ON winter? Call Air Treatment ClimateCare at (416) 235-0373 for expert installation services today!

Owning a home means having the ability to plan for the future, while still making the best decisions for your home and budget. For homeowners living in the York, ON area, a furnace represents one of those opportunities. When the winter weather rolls in, you’ll be grateful you have one. But when it’s in need of repairs or replacement, you’ll be wishing for more options. A rental gives you an easy fix but is not always the best option for the long-term. And buying a new unit can be expensive.

With CLARITY by ClimateCare, you have a third option that’s the top choice for many savvy homeowners. At Air Treatment ClimateCare we are your local furnace dealer with the skills and expertise needed to help you install your new system. We help you find the right unit for your home, install it, and then offer you the support you get as part of our 12-year warranty.

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