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See how much you could save with the CLARITY by ClimateCare hot water heater solution.

$0000 Potential Ownership Savings

Includes Regular-Scheduled Maintenance, which you likely won’t get from the big rental companies.

Compare The Costs


  • As low as $29.95 a month
  • Payments NEVER go up
  • Paid off in 12 years or earlier if you choose
  • Regular-Scheduled Maintenance

  • 12-year parts and labour warranty

Grand Total: $0000.00


  • $30.00 a month for standard 15-year term
  • Payments will INCREASE by up to 3.8% per year
  • Free Regular-Scheduled Maintenance rarely included

Grand Total: $0000.00

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Short-term, CLARITY by ClimateCare may not be more economical than your current water heater — but it will be in the long-term:

  • Upgrading to a new, efficient heater will mean significant energy savings
  • Unlike renting, your monthly ownership payments will eventually end
Sounds like it’s worth looking into?
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