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Why Buy?

Interested in paying less monthly, saving thousands over years, and adding a valuable owned asset to your home? Here’s why owning with CLARITY is the clear advantage.

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Owning Costs Less, Period.

Rental fees typically rise every year (check your contract!), up to 68% or more over a 15-year agreement. CLARITY’s monthly ownership fee is usually less than renting, it will never go up, and once you’ve paid it off you stop paying. We put the extra money in your pocket, not theirs.

More Efficiency = More Savings.

After space heating, water heating is the biggest residential expense! A new high-efficiency CLARITY water heater takes less energy and money to operate – a tankless one is even less. If your rental tank heater is older than seven years, upgrading to CLARITY is a high-efficiency decision.

Owning is Safer.

Our regular-scheduled maintenance is what makes the difference. We’ll check for a misaligned pilot light that could be a fire hazard, check the gas line for dangerous leaks and perform other crucial inspections. Safety for your family and home could be the most important benefit of owning with CLARITY.

Regular-Scheduled Maintenance.

The big rental guys don’t include regular maintenance. That’s just not safe. Un-maintained heaters also risk having more costly problems. Our regular maintenance ensures safety and efficiency, and extends appliance life. You’ll be amazed by what we do —and what the other guys don’t.

What About the Big Box Stores?

You can buy a heater anywhere. With CLARITY, you’re buying quality and peace of mind. We’re competitively priced. We’re water heater experts, not salespeople. Your install will be flawless and safe. A trusted relationship will begin. And our regular service can extend your water heater life. No Big Box store offers this.
So what exactly will you own?
Only the very best.
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