Are you tired of paying a monthly fee on a rented water heater that you’ll never own? Call (519) 746-6000 to speak with the local Waterloo and Kitchener, ON experts on water softening at Dunn Heating ClimateCare!

If your water heater has recently gone out or you’re looking at expensive repairs, you might be wondering if renting a unit is a better option. The answer is yes, it is the better option for a short period of time. Renting a water heater means that your payments never end and you never own the unit. On the other hand, should you purchase a new one, you have to hand over a large sum of money and then worry about repairs and maintenance down the road. You also might consider the rent-to-own options, which can sometimes lead to dubious terms and confusing buy-out options.

None of these options sound ideal or pleasant. Luckily, there is another, better option! CLARITY by ClimateCare’s water heater subscription program is the smartest way to buy a water heater. This program allows you the best of both worlds: ownership of your water heater without forking over a load of money. Instead, you simply pay a low monthly installment and that installment covers any maintenance or repairs that might be needed. Unlike renting a water heater, this option means the payments will end and you won’t have to worry about penalties for paying the balance early.

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