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What are My Water Heater Options?


Clarity by ClimateCare retailers sell Rheem water heaters and only Rheem water heaters because we are 100% confident in the build quality and longevity of Rheem products.

Rheem manufactures:

  • Tankless water heaters.
  • Water heater tanks.

Your water heater is usually fueled by gas or electricity.

The fuel you choose to rely on should be the most affordable for your area. If gas is more affordable than electricity, choose a gas model. This is an easy way to start saving the moment your new water heater is installed.

Here are your best Rheem water tank options.

Gas water heaters

Rheem gas water heaters are extremely popular because they masterfully balance budget and features.

The Prestige High Efficiency Condensing Power Direct Vent water heater is a perfect example. It features an integrated self-diagnostic system for simple installation and service.

The direct vents are ideal for maintaining good indoor air quality, and the blower is whisper quiet.

The heat exchanger is porcelain coated, delivering extended product life.

If you’re interested in a tankless gas water heater, the Prestige Condensing 95 Direct Vent Indoor tankless water heater is a popular option.

It features a super effective water savings setting, which can save homeowners up to 1,100 gallons of water per year by decreasing the flow of water through your pipes until the temperature reaches the heater’s set temperature. It also pairs seamlessly with a recirculation pump kit to provide instant hot water at the tap.

A maintenance notice setting alerts you with a flashing warning code to call for service when required (rarely, if ever).

Electric water heaters

The Rheem Prestige hybrid electric tank water heater is the most durable, longest-lasting tank available.

The tank and all parts are warrantied for 10 years but with proper maintenance, they can last leak-free for over 20 years. That’s serious performance.

Of course, for many buyers the best option isn’t necessarily the most popular or feature-rich water heater. It’s the one that provides hot water within a reasonable budget.

To find the best water heater for your budget, we need to talk in person!

Call your local Clarity by ClimateCare retailer to discover the best option for yourself. We will help you find the best new tankless or storage water heater for your budget and get it installed as soon as you need.