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Why Water Heater Maintenance is Better than Repairs


The cost of repairing and replacing your rental water heater is all rolled into your rental payment. That’s part of the reason your rental payment is higher than it needs to be.

tankless water heater purchaseWe want to do everything we can to help you avoid any repair costs, and we want your new water heater to last a very long time. That’s why we include regularly scheduled maintenance every year on your water tank during our visit to maintain your furnace.

This is another of the ways you save money by purchasing your source of hot water instead of renting.

When you purchase your water heater from a ClimateCare retailer, you, like most of our customers, can expect to avoid virtually all repair costs.

We can’t guarantee it, because sometimes machines have minds of their own, but we can assure you we’re doing everything possible to avoid it.

The rental companies aren’t.

But my rental payment doesn’t seem so high.

Your rental payment might not be, but you owe it to yourself to find out if the monthly cost of ownership could be more affordable.

This easy online calculator will tell you if it is.

And there’s a hidden cost most homeowners don’t think about when renting – inefficiency. Rental companies will repair a water tank forever if possible, and that takes a toll on your tank’s ability to heat water efficiently and maintain that heat.

An old tank that’s been repaired over and over is going to cost you hundreds of extra dollars in energy expenses every year. If you’re vastly wealthy that probably doesn’t matter. But if you aren’t, hundreds of dollars could be put to better use elsewhere in your life.

So if I buy into this maintenance deal, what do I get?

Maintenance costs are built in to your monthly cost of ownership (and it is still going to be cheaper than the payments you make to rent today).

When we visit your home, we’ll:

  • Clean the burners.
  • Inspect the flues and vents.
  • Inspect your gas line.
  • Remove and clean your T&P valve (a key component that wears over time).
  • Drain the tank every 3-4 years and flush out any sediment (excessive sediment is one of the issues that robs your rental unit of efficiency).

Take a look to see if buying can lower your regular expenses. If it does, give your local Clarity by ClimateCare retailer a call. It’s all about saving your family money.