Your hard water woes can be a thing of the past! Call Emke Schaab ClimateCare at (519) 881-1250 to find out more about the best water softener installations in Walkerton and Hanover, ON!

Hard water isn’t dangerous but it isn’t something you should have to deal with on a regular basis either. This simple problem occurs when calcium, magnesium, and iron are found in your water. These minerals can be responsible for easily broken glassware, dry and itchy skin, frizzy, damaged-looking hair, greyish-looking clothes, and even broken plumbing.

This problem is actually quite easy to get rid of: simply choose to install a water softener in your Walkerton and Hanover, ON home! Yes, it really is that simple – at Emke Schaab ClimateCare, we offer CLARITY by ClimateCare which will allow you to install a water softener for a low monthly payment. You own the water softener from day one and the payment covers any needed maintenance or repairs!

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