Is hard water damaging your plumbing and staining your dishes? Call Dows ClimateCare at (613) 394-5000 for expert water softener installations in Trenton, ON!

As far as plumbing related repairs go, hard water may not be the highest issue on the list, but if left unchecked, it quickly can be. Hard water can cause smaller annoyances like stains on your dishes and dried out hair, but without being addressed, it can lead to more serious problems like burst pipes and water leaks.

The one way to combat mineral-rich hard water is with the installation of a water softener. At Dows ClimateCare we make ownership simple with our CLARITY by ClimateCare subscription program. This gives Trenton, ON homeowners a path to ownership with expert installation, low monthly payments, and all your maintenance and repair needs are covered by warranty!

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