Are you tired of the summer heat but don’t want to splurge on a new air conditioner? Call (613) 394-5000 to discuss your needs with Dows ClimateCare and start enjoying cool comfort in your Trenton, ON home!

Replacing an air conditioner is far from cheap and it can often come as a big shock to you and your wallet. At Dows ClimateCare, we understand this problem all too well which is why we offer CLARITY by ClimateCARE as an alternative to a huge lump sum expense or renting an AC you’ll never own. Our goal is to make buying a new AC in Trenton, ON an easy and affordable process. This means that our program allows you to own your AC by paying a monthly installment. However, it gets better–this installment covers all proactive maintenance and any needed repairs. It also will pay for a replacement should you need it under our 12-year warranty!

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