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How to Save Water at Home Today


We waste a lot of water with simple absentmindedness. We waste a lot of water by doing things the way we’ve always done them.

But when we waste water, we waste money. Excessive water use contributes hundreds of dollars to the cost of home ownership every year. Hundreds of dollars you could use for a few date nights, or the new windshield you’ve been putting off.

Some homeowners take extreme measures to save water, but you can make a significant dent in your water use with just a few simple changes to the daily routine.

1. Do you let the water run while brushing your teeth?

You don’t need to prepare the sink for toothpaste by coating the drain in water.

Like the famous line from Spaceballs – take only what you need to survive – use only what you need to get your chompers clean.

Heck, in space, astronauts swallow the toothpaste when they’re done. They don’t rinse at all!

2. Do you run the water while washing your hands?

You can’t really pull the astronaut move with hand washing, but you certainly don’t need to let the water run while you lather up.

3. Do you run the water while washing the dishes?

A trend seems to be emerging here.

As a general rule, don’t run the water while you do something else. Fill the sink basin or use a glass of water for whatever rinsing you need. This saves small amounts of water on a per-use basis, but huge amounts across your entire family in a week.

4. Do any of your faucets leak?

A small dribble coming from the faucet in your kitchen can add up to more than a hundred dollars in a year.

It’s small, right. What’s $100?

But would you keep walking if you dropped $100 on the street? Or $10?

Get your plumbing leaks fixed and stop letting money puddle on the edge of the sink.

5. Do you wash half-loads?

Your dish washer and laundry machine use the same amount of water whether you overload or underload them.

Get as much as you can packed in there (but not so much the wash quality suffers). Washing dishes and clothes by hand is also significantly more wasteful than using the machine.

6. Do you water your plants after work?

If you can find a little extra time in the morning, water your plants before work, not after.

Watering in the morning ensures the water nourishes your plants and doesn’t evaporate away before reaching the roots.

Even on mild summer days, the accumulated heat of the day rests in the soil and promotes evaporation rather than absorption.

Saving water

Only baths for babies!

7. Do you take baths?

Stop it.

And that’s that.

You don’t have to make huge changes, like installing a low flow toilet (although that’s a good idea too) to cut back on your water waste.

Just stay aware of these 7 things and you’ll notice an immediate drop in the money you spend on water every month.

You can also save by upgrading to a new, purchased water heater. Heating your water is the second largest home utility expense your family incurs. See how much you can save with this simple online calculator, and give us a call if you want to talk over your purchasing options.