Renting your current water heater, but not sure if a rent to own hot water tank is the way to go? Call (519) 428-4000 to discuss affordable options with the local Simcoe, ON experts at D&B ClimateCare.

Owning a home is expensive – the monthly mortgage, the electricity bill, water bill, and upkeep of appliances can all add up on a monthly basis. When it comes to your Simcoe, ON home’s hot water supply, it may seem like there is no cost-effective way to keep it running. This statement is true if you only consider renting and purchasing a unit outright. However, there is a better choice! CLARITY by ClimateCare is a water heater subscription service that might just work for you.

This subscription service is offered by CLARITY by ClimateCare’s authorized Simcoe, ON dealer, D&B ClimateCare. Through this service, you’ll pay a low monthly payment on your water heater but have the benefits of our warranty program, maintenance, and repairs. You end up with the best of both worlds with no penalty for paying the balance off early! If you’re still not sure, we understand! Take a minute to chat with one of our professionals to see if this option is right for you.

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