Looking to buy a furnace but would rather not pay the high upfront price? Call (519) 428-4000 to speak with the local Simcoe indoor comfort experts at D&B ClimateCare and see if CLARITY by ClimateCare is the right option for you!

Rent to own programs for a furnace may seem like a great option if you’re a little short on change or don’t want to hand over thousands of dollars for a brand new unit. Buying a new furnace sounds like a winning plan–if you can afford the high upfront price tag. These two options seemed to be the only choices available for a very long time, but we have great news!

Buying or renting a furnace is not your only option – not anymore! You can opt to install a CLARITY by ClimateCare furnace which will remove the high cost of a new unit in favour of low monthly payments. This might sound like a rental agreement but it’s not – the payments stop, there isn’t a penalty for paying the balance early, and ALL maintenance and repairs are included!

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