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Signs Your Air Conditioner Isn’t The Right Size For Your Home


Summer has made it’s grand heatwave of an entrance and we’re sure you’ve already turned on the air conditioning unit in your home.

However, you may find that your unit isn’t working at it’s best. That’s because the unit itself may be too big or too small for your home.

Here’s how you can tell:

Signs your air conditioner unit may be too small for your home

Air conditioning units tend to shut off for a brief period of time in order to have its own “cool down” period. If the unit is running non-stop, then it’s a sign that the unit could be too small for your home. Another sign is that very little air comes out of the vents. Both of these issues are costly for the environment and your wallet. When you start to see bills that are higher than normal, it may be a sign that your unit is too small for your home.

Signs your air conditioner unit may be too large for your home

Unfortunately, outrageously high electrical bills could be a sign that your air conditioning unit is also too large for your home. Too much energy is being used as a result of short cooling cycles, which then leads to inconsistent temperatures throughout your home.

Not only is the humidity in your home uncomfortable, it’s also a health hazard. Over time, humidity creates the perfect environment for mold. That’s something you definitely don’t want in your home! If the air conditioning unit is undersized or oversized, the required duct work will be negatively impacted which will also contribute to your air conditioning unit performing improperly.

An air conditioner should be the right size for your home so that it can do exactly what it’s meant to do: keep you and your family cool and comfortable throughout the hot summer months! ClimateCare’s team of licensed technicians can keep your air conditioner running optimally through our regular maintenance program.

Have a look at our air conditioners or give us a call to learn more!