Worried that renting your water heater is not the best option for your home? Call (416) 299-3000 and talk with our local Toronto, ON experts at Cedarwood ClimateCare for personalized solutions.

While there may be many appliances in your Scarborough, ON home, few of them share the impact on your daily life that hot water heaters do. From taking a relaxing hot shower at the end of the day to washing particularly greasy dishes, you need easy access to hot water, and renting your unit may not be giving you the most benefits. While it may be the cheaper option in the short term, it could become extremely expensive, particularly if your unit needs repairs and you’re responsible for them.

Buying a water heater outright could be just as daunting – and rent to own options may leave you more confused than ever. So what can you do? CLARITY by ClimateCare may be the solution you’ve been looking for. This affordable subscription program lets you own your own water heater while giving you some unique benefits like regular maintenance and repairs that other programs just can’t do. Sound like a quality option for you and your family? Contact your local CLARITY by ClimateCare experts at Cedarwood ClimateCare to find out how close you are to an all-new water heater in your home.

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