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Remember Your Lessons On Mother’s Day


It has come time again to celebrate those wonderful people we call mothers! Whether that mother was your aunt, sister, or grandmother, these women deserve a holiday to be pampered, loved, and appreciated! It’s hard to know the struggles each mother faced, but we do know the love they put behind each lesson they taught us!

As we were growing up, many of us remember the chores we were asked to do became less of a chore and more of a lesson. These things we were taught were designed to help you live the most efficient life possible; because let’s face it- efficiency is a mother’s middle name!

Besides being efficient adults, many of the tips we learned as kids have helped us in many other areas. Saving money, time, and energy are a few good examples; but there may be others that are less obvious. Like your HVAC system for example! Many of the tips and tricks your mother taught you actually took a lot of pressure off of your HVAC system!

Be Careful Of Fire

dontdothatLet’s start with a fairly basic lesson we all were taught. Almost all of us heard that playing with fire is not a good idea- and it probably was not put so lightly either!

As adults, we know the dangers of playing with fire, but we also know that as adults, we can use fire responsibly. What you may not be aware of is your mother was right from the start!

Using fire, even responsibly, can have negative impacts on your home and health. For example, innocently burning candles in your home can release the same carcinogens that are released when you burn diesel fuel! You are better off with a non-paraffin option like beeswax candles.

Another common way adults like to use fire is by burning trash and yard debris in their backyard. This can also put harmful chemicals in the air that can float into your home and stick to your surfaces. The ash from these fires can also seep into the groundwater thus polluting it.

Either way, burning (or using) fire responsibly can have a negative impact on your indoor air quality. This will make your HVAC unit, and air filters, work even harder; and holy smokes (pun absolutely intended!) that’s not good!

Remember the Garden?

gardeningIt’s probably a safe bet to say a lot of mothers love gardening, or at the very least enjoy flowers! As a young adult, you may have had to contend with weeding the garden before you could go out on a Saturday night.

Most assuredly, there was hell to pay if the plants did not get watered! While many young minds might see these plants as something pretty your mother wanted to look at; well your mother knew better!

The more plants and flowers you have growing around your home, and inside your home, the better your indoor air quality will be! What does that have to do with your HVAC system you ask?

It’s simple! The better your air quality is, the less stress is put on your HVAC system to clean out the debris floating around in your air. Also, the less your HVAC system has to work, the more money is in your pocket.

Dust and Vacuum for Your HVAC

vacuumfloorWho loves to vacuum and dust? Crickets. Chances are your mother didn’t love it either, but it is a necessary evil! Removing the dust from all of your surfaces and floor is an essential part of keeping your air quality top notch.

Over time, germs, animal dander, allergens and all kinds of nasty stuff will accumulate on your countertops, shelves, rugs, and floors. Left alone, these things can cause illnesses, respiratory infections, asthma, and much worse.

As we all know, a mother’s greatest battle is combating germs and keeping her family healthy! Besides the health risks, your HVAC system is also affected by the dust. Just as your air filters are able to take a break when you have plants around the house, your HVAC’s air filters need to work double time when there is a lot of dust in the air!

Mom Deserves a Big Thank You

It is amazing the positive effect your mother’s tips can have on something as basic as your HVAC system. With all of those tips and lessons put together, your mother has saved you considerable time, energy, and money!

On Mother’s Day this year, remember to tell her all the little things she taught you have had such a big impact on your life! Give her a hug, and show her appreciation for all her patience and hard work! At CLARITY byClimateCare we would like to wish all the mothers out there a wonderful Mother’s Day!