Keep your home cool and your savings high when you opt for a new air conditioner installation in Newmarket, ON. Call Canco ClimateCare at (905) 898-3912 for expert services now!

As any homeowner who’s gone through it can tell you, replacing an air conditioner can be a stressful and expensive scenario. In many cases, you’ll either have to dig into your savings to cover the cost or pay for expensive repairs that only put a band-aid on the situation. At Canco ClimateCare we have a better solution for our customers in the Newmarket, ON area. Using our CLARITY by ClimateCare subscription program air conditioning is now affordable and practical for everyone.

Buying an air conditioner has never been more affordable, and with ownership, you gain access to reliable repairs and maintenance that keep you and your family comfortable and relaxed. In addition, since we’re locally owned and operated, you can count on our air conditioning contractors for all your needs.

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