Having a hard time with hard water? Call (613) 224-0041 and enjoy fast and affordable water softener installation in Nepean, ON when you turn to Francis Plumbing & Heating ClimateCare.

Hard water is by no means dangerous but can create some rather large inconveniences if ignored. This is because untreated water contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron. All of which can cause itchy skin, dry hair, dingy clothes, brittle glassware, and even premature plumbing problems.

Although these problems are persistent and won’t go away on their own, you can minimize the issue or get rid of it altogether by choosing to install a water softener. The experts at Francis Plumbing & Heating ClimateCare can help provide you with water softener options in Nepean, ON. Our goal is to always provide exceptional service at an affordable price. We do this by being an authorized CLARITY by ClimateCare dealer!

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