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Owning a home is a large investment and over time, it can become quite costly. For instance, when your major appliances begin to fail and they need to be replaced, the upfront cost may be more than you can cover. When this is the case, you may consider renting a water heater but the payments never end and the unit is never yours. In the long run, renting will become just as costly as purchasing your own system. On the other hand, purchasing your own system means that you will own it and any of the problems that come with it–yes, that means maintenance and eventual repairs which can quickly add up.

There is a better option! Francis Plumbing & Heating ClimateCare in Nepean, ON offers CLARITY by ClimateCare’s water heater subscriptions. This is the absolute best way to buy your new water heater! When you choose CLARITY, you own the water heater and only pay a low monthly note. This note covers any repairs, parts, or labour, as well as preventative maintenance. There aren’t any penalties if you want to pay the water heater off early, and if you need to replace it, the cost is covered under our 12-year warranty!

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