When you’re in need of a new furnace for winter, don’t pay the high upfront cost, call Francis Plumbing & Heating ClimateCare at (613) 224-0041. By speaking with local Nepean, ON professionals, you will find out if a furnace from CLARITY by ClimateCare is the right option for you!

When you’re in need of a new furnace, you really only have two options that might work: renting a unit for an extended period of time or purchasing one at a high upfront cost. Neither option sounds ideal and you could always choose a rent-to-own system but this may end up costing extra should you choose to pay the balance sooner than expected.

There is a better way! Choose to install a CLARITY by ClimateCare furnace to enjoy an easy installation of a system you OWN! When you choose CLARITY, you choose a low monthly payment that includes all needed maintenance and repairs. If you need a replacement, this too is covered with our 12-year warranty.

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