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How Much You Can Save by Owning Your Water Heater | Big Savings Coming Your Way


We built a free online calculator to help families learn exactly how much you can save by ending your water heater rental contract and purchasing a new water heater.

You need a little information for an accurate quote, including:

  • The type of water heater currently installed in your home, whether conventional, power vent, direct vent, power direct vent, condensing, electric or tankless.
  • The tank size, from 40 gallons to 75 gallons.
  • The approximate age of the tank.
  • The number of bathrooms in your house.
  • The fuel your water tank uses, either gas, propane or electric.
  • Your monthly rental fee.
  • The number of people living in your home.
  • The number of laundry loads you do every week.
  • The approximate number of times you run your dishwasher in a week.

This is enough information for us to make an educated guess about the cost of your rental equipment and the potential savings you can realize through buying.

And sometimes you won’t save by buying. But you will get a better piece of equipment with maintenance included, and you won’t be locked into perpetual payments.  Plus we’ll catch any potential repair issues when we perform our regular maintenance (which is included with your purchase agreement * when you have a We Care maintenance agreement on any other home comfort appliance).

We don’t want to pressure you into anything. We just want to make you aware of your options.

What is maintenance worth to you?

How many times in the last few years have you had to call your rental provider to come repair a water heater that stopped  producing hot water?

The big rental companies don’t include planned maintenance as part of your rental water heater contract, and that’s both inconvenient and unsafe.

It means when your rental inevitably breaks down, you or somebody in the house has to be available for one of those 8 hour “we’ll be there” windows for service.

The rental company is reactive.

When you buy, you get proactive service.

We rarely field repair calls, because the regular maintenance we include in your water heater purchase catches 99.99999% of issues (don’t quote us on the exactitude of that number) before they impact your hot water.

When you use the free online water heater calculator, the price you see under the Cost of Ownership heading includes maintenance*.

And your payments end.

When you calculate the Cost of Ownership on the free water heater calculator, that payment ends in 12 years at the latest.

Your rental payment goes on forever. You make very few commitments so serious in your life. Should your water heater rental really be one of the longest contracts you get into?

We can save your family money. At least, we think we can.

Use the free online water heater calculator to see if we’re right.

Give us a call when you’re ready to put the savings into action.