Worried about the water quality in your London, ON home? Call M&K ClimateCare at (519) 673-4449 and find out how our water softener installation services can help your home.

Are you starting to notice stains on your dishes and fixtures? Worried that your water quality may be affecting your appliances? For many homeowners in London, ON, hard water is a common problem with a simple solution. A water softener works to eliminate the minerals found in unfiltered hard water. Whether it’s iron, magnesium, or calcium, a water softener makes quick work of the filtration process, protecting your home and your health in the process.

But how do you get a water softener system without breaking the bank? M&K ClimateCare is your water softener solution. With the CLARITY by ClimateCare program, ownership has never been simpler. With a low monthly rate, you enjoy top-quality installation, ongoing maintenance support, and a clean water supply your whole family will enjoy.

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