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From a morning shower to washing your clothes, you use your water heater on a daily basis. For homeowners in London, ON, the options may be slim when the time comes to upgrade or replace your existing system. Many people in the area choose to go with water heater rentals. While they may take a lower monthly cost, in the event that repairs or maintenance is needed, they can actually cost you more and add no value to your property.

So, many homeowners choose rent to own programs. While these arrangements promise ownership over your system, the terms can be confusing and may even put you in a difficult situation in the event or an expensive repair. At M&K ClimateCare we understand the needs of our customers. We work with CLARITY by ClimateCare to provide an affordable alternative to water heater purchases. For a low monthly subscription, you own your water heater outright and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a top-quality warranty that covers your maintenance and repair needs.

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