Don’t let an AC replacement keep you up at night. Link ClimateCare makes ownership affordable with top-rated installation services in the Lindsay and Beaverton, ON areas. Call us at (705) 426-7831 and enjoy reliable services from the moment you call.

Your air conditioner is essential for your indoor comfort. Like any appliance, they deteriorate with age, leaving your home at risk of no cool air. If the need for a replacement arises, it can be a challenge for any homeowner. These systems are not known for their affordability and rentals can be a quick trap that leaves you paying indefinitely. So what alternatives are there for homeowners in Lindsay and Beaverton, ON?

At Link ClimateCare we are your local CLARITY by ClimateClare dealers. Using this program you get affordable AC installations, reliable warranty coverage, and top-rated installation services from our certified professionals. Once the summer months roll around and you’re cool and comfortable, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t switch sooner.

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