Are you currently renting your water heater? Considering a rent-to-own but uncomfortable with the unclear pricing? There’s another convenient and budget-friendly option! Call Haven Home ClimateCare at (613) 634-7722 to learn about affordable alternatives.

There have been so many advances with water heaters over the years. Are you sure that you are still getting the most bang for your buck with your unit? Even if you are on a water heater rental contract, is the service what you expected? You work hard for your money – make sure that you are keeping your operating costs down while getting hot water when you need it. Renting may seem cheaper in the short term, but a water heater subscription is more affordable, and the service is significantly better.

CLARITY by ClimateCare’s water heater subscription program is better than a water heater rental or rent-to-own because it is all-inclusive and more flexible. Ownership is immediate, and for the next 12 years, you’ll be able to count on our warranty for repairs and maintenance. As an authorized CLARITY by ClimateCare dealer, we are proud to offer you some of the best savings in the industry. To find out how this can work for you, call Haven Home ClimateCare today!

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