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Innovative Programs Ideal for Purchasing New HVAC Systems and Water Heaters

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Ontario Techs Share How Homeowners Can Benefit from New Programs Designed to Give You Peace of Mind

Purchasing Your New HVAC System or Water Heater With Innovative Programs

Most homeowners have experienced issues with their HVAC systems or water heaters, and know what a headache, and often expense, it can be to suddenly be faced with a problem or repair.

But there are other options besides just purchasing new appliances and hiring technicians whenever you need a repair. The information below will help you understand the different options available to homeowners who want to simplify their life.

How to Make Small Payments

how clarityReplacing a water heater or a furnace can sometimes be the most expensive fixture you will ever have to purchase for your home.

This is why many homeowners live in fear of these systems breaking down or ageing out of the acceptable performance.

Because a residence can’t really operate comfortably without a furnace or a water heater, it is important to know what alternative programs are available for homeowners to take advantage of. If purchasing a new HVAC system or water heater just isn’t in the budget for you, consider a rent to own option instead.

Rent to own programs will offer you a new appliance, typically fully installed, that you then pay a monthly fee for. Effectively, you’re renting the unit in the same way you can rent other home goods such as furniture and electronics.

Once you’ve paid enough of a rental fee, you often have the choice to purchase the appliance as well. Rent to own programs can often be the way through an expensive repair for many homeowners. However, they typically don’t cover repair that more innovative programs may offer.

Co-Op Programs

coop clarityBesides rent to own programs, there are other programs and systems that many homeowners are now taking advantage of. Co-op programs allow homeowners a pathway to obtaining top-of-the-line home services and systems as well.

When you sign up to take advantage of what these co-op programs offer, you typically pay a low monthly fee. This monthly fee gets you high-end appliances installed in your home. Plus, it includes all routine maintenances and upkeeps scheduled, to be taken care of by local expert technicians. Any repairs or problem diagnosis are all included at no extra cost.

Programs such as these are great for homeowners who can’t face a, sudden, large expense when something does inevitably go wrong. Knowing you’ll get the help you need, when you need it, without having to fork over thousands of dollars out of pocket, provides invaluable peace of mind.

Saving Money Is Essential

save money clarityChoosing either a rent-to-own or a co-op program such as those mentioned above is one of the easiest ways you, as a homeowner, can save money.

Yes, there is a monthly fee, but it is a monthly fee that ends up being a lot less than the cost of an expensive repair you would face otherwise.

With a co-op, because that monthly fee, comes with continued service and upkeep, it can extend the life of your equipment and prevent them from breaking down unexpectedly. All of this results in monetary savings and added convenience for you.

ClimateCare Offers Innovative Solutions

ClimateCare is a co-op of 34 independent Ontario based heating and cooling retail contractors. They’re 100% Canadian and locally run. Their exclusive home care program offers regularly scheduled maintenance and a 12-year parts with labour warranty.