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How to Maintain My Water Tank, and Why?


Maintenance is like compound interest, it could be among the most powerful forces in the universe. A small investment from time to time has the potential to accumulate to great benefit down the road.

If you purchase a new storage tank water heater from a Clarity by ClimateCare retailer, you receive the appropriate maintenance package for your unit  at no additional cost if you have a We Care maintenance plan on another home comfort appliance, like your furnace or air conditioner

Use this free online calculator to see how much you can save by owning your water heater.

If you rent a water heater, in theory maintenance is included, but when was the last time you saw your rental provider for a maintenance visit? Probably never!

What does water heater maintenance entail?

Your tank-type water heater requires simple maintenance annually with complete flush style maintenance every 3-4 years. The full maintenance includes:

  • Burner cleaning.
  • Flue and vent inspection/cleaning.
  • Gas line examination.
  • Full removal and cleaning of the T&P valve.
  • Tank draining and sediment flush.

By covering each point on a recurring basis, chances are you’ll never have to deal with an expensive water heater repair again.

A tankless water heater requires more regular maintenance, every 12-18 months or so. This maintenance includes:

  • Examination of the delicate gas and burning components.
  • Burner cleaning.
  • Thermostat inspection.
  • Vent checks.

Regular maintenance keeps your appliance in better condition longer. It can double the functional life of your appliance versus water heaters receiving no maintenance plus you can feel comfort in knowing that it’s been checked for gas leaks. That means safety for you and your family.

Rental equipment, on the other hand, gives the rental company a huge return on investment while putting your family at risk.

What do you mean, at risk?

If you skip the maintenance for an extended amount of time, like your rental company does, you put your family and home at risk.

What can happen?

  • If you purchase a water heater (and you should, because
    it saves you money), maintenance is the best way to get more return on your investment.A weak connection in your gas line can lead to a dangerous gas leak. Even a trickle of gas leaking has deadly potential.
  • Your T&P valve can become stuck, putting your tank at risk of exploding. This isn’t an urban myth. In 2007 MythBusters tested and confirmed it’s a real danger.
  • Sediment can build up at the bottom of the tank, throwing off the thermostat and causing the pilot light to run hotter. This can burn a hole clean through your tank.

Contact your local Clarity by ClimateCare retailer to get your hands on the best water heater for your money today.