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Helpful Father’s Day HVAC Tips


This Father’s Day when you’re reflecting on all vital things dad taught you and did to guide you into the independent person you are today, consider all the things he did around the house to make sure everything was in tip-top shape.

Your dad likely had a good understanding of the things required to keep your home and its components running smoothly, leading to many late-night or early Saturday morning repair jobs.

HVAC maintenance was probably at the top of dad’s regular maintenance since it kept everyone warm and cool when needed. Let’s take a look at some heating and air conditioning tips you may find handy.

Knowing When It’s Time to Change the Filters

itstimetochangethefiltersDad’s probably the only one in the house who ever remembered to clean the filters; and by doing so, he was ensuring you had clean and comfortable air in your home when it was needed.

By remembering when it’s time to change the filters of your home’s HVAC system, your dad also was keeping your unit in good running shape.

Clean filters are vital in keeping things like loose insulation from going into the HVAC system and causing damage. Your dad remembering it’s time to change the filters played an important role in your home’s proper care and maintenance.

Thank Them For Cleaning The Outdoor Unit

cleantheoutdoorunitJust like with the changing of the HVAC filters, I’m willing to bet no one in your family ever thought to clean the outdoor unit except dad.

After a change in seasons, remembering to clean your outdoor HVAC unit is exceptionally important to its functionality and can prevent it from having a costly breakdown.

Proper airflow cannot be maintained by your unit if it isn’t appropriately cleaned of the dust, dirt, and debris it’s accumulated over time outside. This Father’s Day, seriously, thank dad for his regular A/C maintenance; dad’s dedicated cleaning probably kept you from having to suffer through some uncomfortable summers without A/C.

Be Sure to Prevent Air Leakage in Your Home

preventairleakageCracks and drafts in your home will quickly allow your HVAC cooled or heated air to escape; this causes your home to have a more difficult time maintaining temperature and will quickly raise your utility bills.

What’s the point in all the HVAC maintenance and thermostat monitoring if you’re just going to let all the air back out? If you’re noticing issues like high energy costs, warm or cold spots in your home, or a general decline in airflow, chances are you’re going to need ductwork services.

For most homeowners, this can be as simple as repairing any ductwork that’s cracked or damaged. In other instances, full replacements are needed, and chances are dad knew when to do either one.

Here’s to dad this Father’s Day and everything you did for us, including your regular HVAC maintenance. Without you, we may be lost in how to properly care for our HVAC units. Happy Father’s Day to all the DIY Dads out there!