Concerned that your water heater rental isn't the best option for your home? Read on to learn how you can break free from the cycle of renting your water heater!

Your top priority as a homeowner should always be to keep your home comfortable and in the best shape possible. One appliance that can affect this balance is your water heater. These small appliances can affect your daily routine and leave you scrambling for a solution. For many homeowners in the Hamilton, ON area, water heater rentals are the common solution. However, did you ever consider that popularity may not mean it’s the best option?

At ClimateCare we have an effective solution with all the benefits you’ve always wanted. CLARITY by ClimateCare is your water heater subscription program of choice. It gives you the flexibility of low monthly payments with complete ownership of your system. Add in the warranty coverage for those unforeseen repair expenses, and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t switch sooner!

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