Looking for added savings on your new air conditioner installation? Read on to learn how CLARITY can help you get a new AC installed without the high upfront cost!

The last thing any homeowner wants to hear is that their air conditioner is in need of replacing. You’re immediately thrown into a state of panic knowing that your options are limited. While air conditioners are not known for being cheap, you can keep costs down with every installation. Many homeowners in the Hamilton, ON area will look for rental options because of their flexibility. Once you get into the actual terms of the agreement, you may realize it has added expenses that keep your costs high. So what alternative is there?

We developed the CLARITY program to provide homeowners with a convenient and affordable option for replacing your unit. With this unique program, you’ll enjoy top-rated installation services, flexible pricing, and the added coverage of a warranty that protects you from any unforeseen repairs.

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