Hard water can take a toll on your plumbing and appliances. However, water softener replacement costs and fees can be rough on your wallet. Call (519) 829-3666 to talk to the trained professionals at Guelph ClimateCare for expert advice.

With a water softener rental, you avoid upfront costs, but you often end up paying more in monthly fees over time. But to purchase a water softener at the ticket price, you need a lot of cash in hand. When you buy a water softener subscription with CLARITY by ClimateCare, fees are all included, plus you’ll own it right away.

The experts at Guelph ClimateCare offer that option. We will assess your needs to determine if it is the best solution for you. For years, we’ve been improving water quality for Guelph, ON homeowners. As certified CLARITY by ClimateCare dealers, we keep water softener installation costs down.

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