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Give your Water Heater The Love it Deserves


Water heaters are an important part of home comfort, but if issues like leaks, uneven temperature, or noise start to disrupt your life, it may call for a significant amount of service. When you purchase a water heater from CLARITY by ClimateCare, you’re covered by our superior maintenance and protection plans. That means we’ll take care of these issues for you!

Here are four signs that your hot water tank is not performing the way it should.

1. You see a leak

When this happens, the first thing you want to do is check the source of the leak. If the leak is coming from the top of the tank, it could be that the pipes are loose or there’s a leak in the valve. If the leak is coming from the bottom, check for condensation. This could be the sign of something bigger and we would recommend you call a professional.

2. Uneven water temperatures

If the water in your home is too hot, you could be in for a rude awakening! A good starting point is to check whether or not the circuit breaker is shut off. If it hasn’t been shut off, then it may just be a matter of having a part replaced. Any one of our licensed professionals can fix this problem by adjusting the water heater to a comfortable temperature.

The opposite problem may also occur – where the water in your home is either cold or takes too long to heat. This problem may be because of an issue with the heating elements or thermostat. If so, they’ll need to be replaced. Depending on the age of your water heater, it may be worthwhile to purchase a new one. Water heaters older than 7 years sometimes need to be replaced, particularly if the water it’s heating is not treated by a water softener. The good news is that you’ll have a more efficient and up-to-date water heater!

3. Strange noises and unpleasant odours

Strange noises in the faucet can be caused by the buildup of sediment in your heating elements at the bottom of your water tank. Regular maintenance will prevent this problem. Rusty or dirty water is usually a sign of corrosion or hard water. If left untreated, this could mean that your entire unit needs to be replaced or you may need a water softener.

Unpleasant odours in your water can be caused by an accumulation of bacteria or hard water. Homes that use well water as their main source are more susceptible to these problems. Two options for correcting this problem are cleaning your tank and turning up the temperature to kill any living bacteria.

4. Problems with your pilot

This is an issue that will only occur with gas-powered tanks. If your pilot will not stay lit or doesn’t have a light, it’s more than likely that the part needs to be replaced.

We understand that having a consistent and comfortable water temperature in your home is an absolute necessity. With CLARITY by ClimateCare, you’ll be worry free thanks to our 12-Year Parts & Labour Warranty on all of our tank and tankless water heaters.

That means that if something looks, sounds or smells out of the ordinary, it will be caught during your annual inspection. For more details on how you can take advantage of our warranty give us a call today!