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How to Get Rid of Your Rental Water Heater


So you looked at the potential cost savings and other benefits of owning over renting your water heater, and you decided to take the plunge and invest in your own water heater.

Great! Owning your water heater is a financially responsible move.

So what happens next? How do you get rid of the old rental water heater and what are your other obligations?

We do this all the time, so we can tell you exactly how it should go.

Part 1 – Call your rental company.

The rental company needs to know you’re canceling your service.

Give them a call and let them know.

They will give you a date to return your rental tank and a return authorization # eventually. You sometimes have to be persistent. The rental company won’t come pick up the tank. They want to make it as hard as possible for you to get out of the rental agreement. But if you provide us with the return authorization # provided to you, we’ll take the tank back for you!

Mark the return date on your calendar.

Part 2 – Here we come.

Your Clarity by ClimateCare retailer will arrive on installation day with your new tank.

We will disconnect and decommission your rental unit. This might take a couple hours, depending on the age and type of rental unit you have.

We will remove your old rental unit and simply take it away.

We’ll install your new water heater and run a series of tests to make sure it’s properly installed and ready to work like it’s supposed to.

Part 3 – Feel awesome.

We think this part will take care of itself.

You’re free of your restrictive and expensive rental contract. You have more control over your home starting today.

Pretty appealing, we think.

If you’re ready to step away from your rental contract and into more affordable ownership, give your nearest Clarity by ClimateCare retailer a call.

We’re on a quest to save families in Ontario a lot of money, and we want to start today with you.

Check out the free online cost calculator to see if you can save money by opting for ownership or simply give us a call today.