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No matter where you live or the size of your home, you’re going to need a reliable water heater. For many homeowners in Cornwall, ON and the surrounding areas, water heater rentals are the most common way to enjoy comfort in your home. While it’s popular, it doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for you and your home. While there are other alternatives out there, like rent to own programs, those may not work for you either. With confusing terms and never actually owning your unit until it’s completely paid off, it’s akin to renting a system.
So what do you do when you can’t shell out the entire cost of a new water heater?

At Walker ClimateCare we are your authorized CLARITY by ClimateCare dealer. We offer innovative solutions to water heater installation that gives you complete ownership over your water heater. Before long, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t make the switch earlier!

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