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Can I Buy My Water Heater? | Do I Have to Rent My Water Heater?


Do I Have to Rent My Water Heater?

Do you have to rent your water heater? No, of course not!! Clarity by ClimateCare gives you an ownership option that actually makes more sense for your wallet, your comfort and peace of mind!

Let’s compare!

Question CLARITY by ClimateCare Rental Company
Do I own my equipment? Yes No
Will my monthly payment increase? No. The initial 5 year fixed rate supporting the contract has never ever increased. And, the first 90 days are free! Yes. Up to 3.8% annually. A 15 year rental agreement could result in an almost 70% higher monthly payment than in your first year.
Do I have full warranty? Yes. Yes
Is my contract open? Yes. Entirely penalty free. No. Heavy penalty or buy-out fees can be applied for early cancellation.
Is maintenance included? A ClimateCare WeCare annual 21 point safety check is included when we perform a PTU on another piece of your home comfort equipment. The rental company controls your maintenance options. Have they ever maintained your equipment?
What is my contract term? Published rates are based on a 12 year term. When the term ends, you own it! No more payments! Perpetual
What happens if I wish to sell my house? Will I have any issues when I close the sale? No. Transferring your contract is simple and free. Possibly. Purchase and sale agreements could be affected.
Is my monthly payment higher if I own the equipment? No. CLARITY by ClimateCaremonthly payments are right-in-line with rental company rates and in the long term much lower. Your monthly payments could increase by up to 3.8% per year depending upon the terms of your contract.