Renting your current water heater, but not sure if a rent to own hot water tank is the way to go? Call (519) 658-6441 to discuss affordable options with the local Cambridge and Brantford experts at Comfort Plus.

You want to do the best and most cost-effective thing for your biggest investment – your home. When it comes to the hot water in your Cambridge or Brantford home, most homeowners choose to rent their water heater because it seems more ‘affordable.’ While it may feel cheaper to pay a monthly note rather than a lump sum, this option often costs several times more than simply buying the unit. Unfortunately, purchasing a water heater outright means that you are solely responsible for any needed repairs, parts, or labour. Finally, there is the rent-to-own option which might sound like the best of both worlds and in theory, it is – but all too often, homeowners are left confused about what the real costs are, how the pricing is structured, and all of the fine print.

Don’t let these three options get you down, as there is a better solution available! CLARITY by ClimateCare offers a water heater subscription program as a middle ground between renting, purchasing outright, and renting to own! You pay a monthly rate and that rate covers all maintenance and repairs. This means you’ll never be stuck deciding between having hot water or paying the high costs of a repair!

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