Have you noticed a decrease in your water quality? Comfort Plus Climate Care is your local water softener installation company. Call us at (519) 752-2250 and find out how we can help your home.

Do you find that your skin is dry after every shower? Are you worried about the stains that just won’t scrub out of your sink and tub? Chances are your Brantford, ON home is suffering from hard water. This common plumbing problem affects many homes in the Ontario area but luckily has an easy solution. A water softener installation is the best way to combat hard water issues. It eliminates impurities like iron and magnesium, making your water safer and more comfortable to use.

Comfort Plus ClimateCare is your local CLARITY by ClimateCare dealer. We use this program to help homeowners in the area find affordable and convenient solutions to their water softener needs. With top-quality installations, experienced technicians, and a willingness to help our customers, you’ll enjoy all the perks you’ve wanted in your home.

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