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The Big Rental Companies Aren’t Telling You the Truth About Buying a Water Heater


How the big rental companies are misleading you about water heater purchases.

The big rental companies want you to stick with your water heater rental for a good reason. They make a lot of money from it, and they’re in a hurry to discredit local businesses, like ClimateCare members, offering an alternative.

Before you take the big rental companies’ claims to heart, have a look at our responses.

They claim: Installation is prohibitively expensive, if you can find a technician to install one at all.

This is totally, utterly, 100% false.

First, ClimateCare members are located all across Ontario, and the member in your area can install your water tank.

Second, the cost of installation is included in your regular, manageable payment. The same way it is included in your rental agreement. There is no extra installation fee tacked on.

They claim: Renting is the only path to a competitive monthly payment, and if you buy your unit, you’re stuck with a large payment right away.

Renting is the only path to endless payments, but certainly not the only path to a competitive monthly payment.

In many cases the cost of owning is actually lower than the cost of renting. You can find out if your cost of owning will be lower right here.

And you aren’t stuck with a big payment on your purchased unit. Ever. Unless you want to pay for it all at once. You can also pay in regular installments, just like a rental contract. The only difference being you own the unit and your payments eventually stop.

Take a look at our online calculator to see how much you could save by buying from a Clarity by ClimateCare contractor.

Right now, your rental provider’s agreement allows them to raise your payments by as much as 3.8% every year. Over the course of a typical 15 year contract you could be paying 50% more than when you started. When your contract expires, you sign on for a new one and your payments continue.

They claim: You can never be certain of the quality of work a local contractor provides.

Clarity by ClimateCare members are held to the highest standards in the HVAC industry.

We update our technical education and training regularly, and are held to the We CARE promise of:

  • Comfort (and Canadian).
  • Accountability.
  • Reliability.
  • Excellence.

ClimateCare members across Ontario are the most in demand contractors in their regions, from Ottawa to North Bay to Toronto, and quality is never a concern for our customers.

They claim: Parts and labour can cost you hundreds of dollars when the heater breaks down.

Maintenance and a complete 12 year parts and labour warranty is included in the purchase of your new water heater.

The purpose of this is to stop your water appliance from breaking down in the first place.  And we call you to schedule your maintenance so it never gets missed. It gives your water tank a longer, more efficient life. When was the last time your water heater rental company called to schedule maintenance?

They claim: Your local contractor isn’t as reliable as theirs and will charge diagnostic fees to uncover any problems.

Your local ClimateCare member is available 24/7. It’s part of our commitment to reliability, and a necessity of all our members.

The main problem with this claim is it relies on problems with your water heater, and most of our clients never experience a water heater issue. That’s because we provide proactive maintenance as part of your purchase, not reactive repairs when something goes wrong.

Anything that might be starting to go wrong, we’ll catch and repair under warranty. No weird “diagnostic” fees.

The big rental companies don’t want you to move away from the rental culture because it’s a great revenue stream for them. Sure, we want your business. But we can also save you money. It’s a win-win.

Get in touch with your local Clarity by ClimateCare member to talk more and get a detailed picture of what it’s like to buy your new water tank or tankless water heater.