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The Best Ways to Save Water in Your Home This Holiday Season


The holiday season is a great time to open your home to family and friends. That being said, you may find that your water bills are significantly higher. All the extra cooking, cleaning, and hosting can add up over time. The good news is that there are ways to be efficient during the holidays – so that you can save money.

Use your dishwasher sparingly

With all the dishes piling up, it may be tempting to simply rely on your dishwasher to keep your sink clear of dirty dishes. However, it’s not the best solution for the environment or your wallet. In total, dishwashers use up to three gallons of water per load. When you use your dishwasher during peak hours, you will be spending even more money on water.

Generally, it’s best to start the dishwasher after 7:00 pm and only when there’s a full load. So, if you find yourself strapped for time to wash your dishes by hand, make sure you’re not running your dishwasher during peak hours.

Avoid using the Garbage disposal

Speaking of washing dishes by hand, it may also be tempting to rinse your dishes and let all your food scraps go through your sink’s garbage disposal. But before you do, consider this: a garbage disposal uses roughly 4.5 gallons of water per minute. What does it cost to scrape your food scraps into a garbage can or compost bin? Absolutely nothing.

Defrost frozen foods in advance

Sure, it’s a lot quicker to defrost frozen foods last minute by running water over the package, but it will cost you more on your water bill. An alternative is to defrost your frozen food in the refrigerator, which could take at least 8 hours depending on size and volume. A faster solution that does not use water if you really need something defrosted quickly is to use the “defrost” function on your microwave.

These tips will help put a little more back into your pocket for the holiday season. Speaking of saving money –another way to save is to own your water heater rather than renting. When you rent, your monthly payments are likely to go up each year and you will never stop paying. But, when you own, the monthly payments will never go up. The best part about choosing to own is once you’ve paid off your water tank, it’s yours for good!

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