Looking for ways to affordably upgrade your water heater? Custom Comfort ClimateCare is your Barrie, ON water heater installation company. We offer top-quality units at affordable rates.

Whether you realize it or not, your water heater plays an important role in your Barrie, ON home beyond comforting hot showers. You depend on a consistent supply of hot water for your dishwasher, washing machine, and overall comfort. While renting these units is the norm for many homeowners, it may not be the most affordable option. Not only do you never own your unit, but in many cases, you’re responsible for any repairs or maintenance needs, which can lead to significant costs.

Buying a water heater out of pocket can also be a challenge as it’s an unexpected expense not many homeowners want to deal with. So what other options do you have? CLARITY by ClimateCare is a subscription-based solution to your water heater needs. It allows you to own your water heater from day one and also gives you the flexibility to pay it monthly while still enjoying added perks like included maintenance and repairs. How can you go wrong with that?