Does your water have an unpleasant metallic taste? You may be dealing with hard water. Whitfield ClimateCare is your reliable water softener installation team. Call us at (613) 332-3831 to schedule an appointment today!

As far as plumbing issues are concerned, hard water may not be the worst emergency you can deal with, but if left unchecked, it quickly can become one. For many Bancroft, ON homes with no water filtration system, hard water can be a common problem. Have you noticed stains around your toilet or bathtub? Worried that your skin is constantly dry? Mineral-rich hard water could be to blame. Teeming with iron and calcium, this hard water will ruin your plumbing and fixtures if not dealt with.

While installing a water filtration system may seem expensive, Whitfield ClimateCare is here to help. As certified CLARITY by ClimateCare dealers, we make water softener installation easy and affordable. We find you the perfect system for your home, get it installed quickly, and offer you ongoing support to keep it operating in top shape!

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