Tired of renting your water heater but worried about the cost of buying one? Whitfield ClimateCare has an affordable solution for your Bancroft, ON water heater needs. Call us at (613) 332-3831 to learn more about our installation solutions.

Whether you realize it or not, your water heater does more than just keep your showers and baths warm and comfortable. You rely on your hot water to wash dishes, clean your clothes, and improve your overall home comfort. This is why it’s always a surprise that many Bancroft, ON homeowners, are still opting for water heater rentals. While they may be the “cheaper” option in the short term, once you pay your monthly rental fees forever, you’ll see that you’re paying more for a system that adds no value to your home.

Purchasing a new unit may seem like a daunting task, particularly when you consider paying everything up front, but there is a better way. CLARITY by ClimateCare is your affordable and convenient solution to your water heating needs. At Whitfield ClimateCare we are your authorized dealer offering expert installation services. You get all the benefits of ownership with added perks like included repairs and maintenance, so you can stay comfortable and relaxed in your own home!

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