Time for a new air conditioner but rather not tap into your savings to pay for it? Get a new unit from CLARITY by ClimateCare and start enjoying cool comfort ASAP.

Air conditioners are anything but cheap, so when you need to replace your current unit it can come as a big surprise to your pocket. At ClimateCare, we know that replacing your AC can come as an inconvenience. With our CLARITY by ClimateCare subscription program, we make buying an air conditioner in Ontario easy and affordable. That means you don’t have to go broke or tap into your savings just to pay for your AC replacement! Installation is hassle-free and all repairs and maintenance are included at one low monthly rate. It’s so easy it’ll make you wonder, why would you buy an air conditioner anywhere else?

AC units starting at $68.95/MONTH! You’ll be amazed at the difference in efficiency, silence and energy savings that a modern, advanced unit will deliver.