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10 Fun Facts on Furnaces And Home Heating


At CLARITY by ClimateCare, we know a lot about furnaces and home heating, and we’d like to share that knowledge with our trusted customers! We thought it would be fun to share with you some facts about furnaces that you may not have known before…

  1. The dwelling sites of Neanderthal were not as simple as many would think: Neanderthals kept warm by building hearths made out of mammoth bones.
  2. Romans in 1200 BC were the first known civilization to use any type of warm-air heating system known as a “hypocaust,” a device which pumped hot air through the walls and floors.
  3. In the 13th century, Cistercian monks used naturally flowing rivers heated by furnaces to warm their monasteries.
  4. The first steam-heating system was installed in England so that the Governor could grow grapes during cold temperatures.
  5. The first electric heater was invented by Thomas Edison in 1883.
  6. The majority of Canadian furnaces are powered by gas and electricity, but other options include propane, wood, heating oil, and dual sources.
  7. The term furnace derives from the Latin word “fornax” which means oven.
  8. 60% of home energy costs are attributed to home heating.
  9. The cost of a new furnace can depend on three factors: the location of your home, the size of your home, and your desired efficiency level.
  10. You’ll be less likely to buy a new furnace if you keep your current one in great shape. ClimateCare’s We Care Maintenance and Protection Plans can help you do so!


    If you have any questions about your home heating, then give CLARITY by ClimateCare a call today!