Easy, Affordable Water Heater Ownership

Water heater monthly cost of ownership can be more affordable than your current rental contract.

Currently, your rental provider’s agreement allows them to raise your payments by as much as 3.8% every year. A typical rental contract runs 15 years. By the time you’re contract is up for renewal, you could already be paying almost 70% more every month than when you started.

By owning your new Rheem water heater, you instantly pick up a handful of benefits:

  • Your payments remain the same throughout.
  • Your payments are likely very similar to your current, rental payments, but they won’t go up!
  • Your payments don’t continue forever.
  • When your term ends, you own the water heater.

Or, if you want to avoid ongoing payments entirely, you can certainly purchase your new water heater outright. CLARITY by ClimateCare is all about putting you in control.

Owning a Water Heater Can Save You MoneyTry Our Water Heater Calculator
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Monthly Cost of Ownership is a SNAP

cost of owning a water heaterSNAP Financial is the flexible, easy path to water heater ownership. CLARITY by ClimateCare partners with SNAP exclusively because we believe it’s by far the most customer friendly monthly payment program around.

Your family will enjoy:

  • Flexible monthly payments for up to 100% of the cost of your new appliance.
  • No down payment required.
  • Low monthly payment programs.
  • Open agreement – where you can pay off the entire balance at any time with no penalty.
  • Easy, automated deductions from your bank account on your schedule.
  • Terms of 12 years, much like your rental contract, but you completely own the water tank at the end.

You can be pre-approved today and as a welcome to CLARITY bonus, start with no payments for the first 3 months.

Water heater ownership can be as affordable as your current rental program, but you end up with something you can say is your own. You control your financial obligation, you control your safety and maintenance or (as rarely as they are needed) repairs.

See how much you can save with our online calculator, then call your local CLARITY by ClimateCare retailer and find the best water heater ownership option for your family.