Reliable, Affordable Hot Water Tanks

Hot water tanks provide a large volume of reliable, affordable hot water. The technology is well established, and most homes in Ontario have one.

Water Heater TanksHot water tanks store anywhere from 20 to 80 gallons of hot water, with precision controls allowing you to maintain a steady temperature throughout the tank.

Chances are you rent your current hot water tank from one of the big utility off-shoots. Why?

  1. Because that’s how you’ve always done it.
  2. Because the house came this way.
  3. Because you don’t know about the alternative.

The biggest reason is #3. If you knew there was an alternative, and how much more financially intelligent the alternative is, you’d be all over it.

Own your hot water tank and take control of your home and home expenses with CLARITY by ClimateCare.

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Why owning your hot water tank makes sense

Hot water tanks like the one you have right now require maintenance. Without it:

  • Sediment will build up in the tank, reducing the capacity to heat and maintain hot water.
  • Integrity of the tank will eventually fail, because of the excess heat required to warm the water.
  • The pilot can fall out of alignment, becoming a fire hazard.
  • The gas line may spring a leak, becoming an extreme danger for your family.
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hot water heater for your homeWhen you own your water tank, you’re in full control of the maintenance schedule and safety of your family. You have complete control over the condition of the hot water tank. Plus, when you purchase your hot water tank from CLARITY by ClimateCare, maintenance is included*! When you own, you aren’t locked into a monthly fee that can increase by as much as 3.8% per year forever. And once it’s yours, it’s yours. It becomes part of the value of your house, and you can sell it with the house down the road.

With ownership, your costs are far more economical. See what we mean right here.

When you purchase from CLARITY by ClimateCare, we install your new hot water tank and deliver the rental back to your previous supplier. All you have to do is cancel with them and purchase a CLARITY by ClimateCare hot water tank or tankless unit. We’ll do the heavy lifting.

Ready to learn more? Call us today for a fast and easy estimate on your new hot water tank.


* Annual maintenance performed when performing a precision tune-up on any other piece of home comfort equipment.