Ready to Replace Your Hot Water Heater?

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clarity water heatersThere are a few certain signs it’s time to replace your water heater.

  • You run out of hot water before the tub is full, or before you have a chance to rinse off the soap in the shower.
  • The pressure in your shower is inconsistent, sometimes even coming out in machine gun spurts.
  • The water is never more than moderately warm.
  • You’re renting your water heater.

When you replace your hot water heater, make the smart financial decision. Own your water heater and put an end to the inflated cost of renting.

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Why own a water heater?

How does owning save you money?

water heater installation

  • Water Heater rental costs can go up by as much as 3.8% per year. Over your 15 year rental term (a standard rental term), your cost can skyrocket by almost 70%. When you own, the monthly cost of ownership is far more stable and will never force you to reevaluate your monthly expenses.
  • Maintenance is not included in most, if not all rental contracts, but maintenance is included with CLARITY by ClimateCare*. Without maintenance, your tank will wear out fairly quickly, and you will be forced to enter a new, more expensive rental contract if you stay with a rental provider. When you own, maintenance is included with your purchase. Regular maintenance will keep your family safe and extend the life of your appliance significantly.
  • At the end of your rental term you don’t own anything. You just renew your rental contract. When you own your tank, it becomes an asset.

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* Annual maintenance performed when performing a precision tune-up on any other piece of home comfort equipment.