A High Efficiency Water Heater Helps Your Family Save

water heater Energy EfficiencyWater heating is the second largest residential energy expense, behind space heating. Between 15% and 25% of your monthly energy expenses come from heating water for those showers, your laundry, the dishes.

A high efficiency water heater can cut that number significantly, saving you hundreds of dollars every year.

Don’t forget the cost of operation

Your water heater has two price tags:

  • The sticker price.
  • The cost of operation and energy use over the lifetime of the product.

A high efficiency water heater has a lower cost of operation and energy use over the lifetime of the product, and a tankless water heater even less.

When shopping for a high efficiency water heater, think about:

  • The size and type of unit.
  • The energy source (and the cost per unit of energy).
  • Installation and maintenance costs.

What makes a new tank more efficient?

If your old, tank-type water heater is more than 7 years old , an upgrade will give your family better insulation, a more efficient heat exchanger, heat traps that reduce heat loss in pipes and cold water inlet pipes to improve overall heating efficiency.

If you upgrade to a tankless water heater, you get a more efficient technology that only heats the water you use. No energy is wasted.

Call us to talk about your fuel source and the best options for your new high efficiency water heater. Whether you choose tankless or tank-type, ownership is still the best move. Let us show you why.

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high efficiency water heaters help you save on hydro