Should You Rent or Own Your Water Heater?

If you want more control over the way you spend your money, ownership is for you

Rent or Buy Water heaterWe hear it everywhere, but Ontario homeowners hear it the most.

  • Is it better to rent or own?

Well, we can’t tell whether you should buy a canoe or just rent one when you need it, or lease your car over financing. But we can give you some CLARITY about whether you should rent or own your water heater.

Own it. Here’s why.

Owning a Water Heater Can Save You MoneyTry Our Water Heater Calculator
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Why you should own your water heater

Whether it’s a tankless water heater or a hot water tank appliance, the benefits of purchasing from CLARITY by ClimateCare remain the same. Dump the rental contract and…

  • You’ll own your equipment.
  • Your monthly cost of ownership will not increase and will eventually end. The best part – it will produce more value in the long term.
  • You get a full comprehensive warranty.
  • Your purchase contract is open and penalty-free, with only a $39.95 initial set-up fee.
  • You get maintenance! It’s included with your purchase!*
  • You get simplicity.

We’ll install your new hot water tank or tankless hot water heater and return the old one to your rental company. All you have to do is tell them you’re moving on.

Learn more and get an easy quote

Visit our knowledgebase below or contact a member of our team to skip right to the point and order your CLARITY by ClimateCare water heater today.

The next time you ask yourself: rent or own? Water heater help is closer than you think. Reach out to a member of the CLARITY by ClimateCare team and order today.


* Annual maintenance performed when performing a precision tune-up on any other piece of home comfort equipment.